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3 Easy Ways to Improve Nutrition for Balanced Health & Weight

Nutrition plays such a key role in our lives, it is the very foundation of our health and well-being. From inflammation and pain to our weight, heart health, and disease, we can make a meaningful impact on our quality of life by balancing what we eat.

With so many fad diets and conflicting research studies, it can be difficult to know what’s best. At Four Seasons Acupuncture, we offer nutritional therapy to help you bring your health, weight, and wellness into balance.

Each person is unique, however, the majority of us can benefit from incorporating a few basic guidelines to improve our health through nutrition, including:

  • Eating a Balanced Breakfast

  • Planning Ahead & Shopping Smart

  • Limiting Processed Foods & Sugar

Eat a Balanced Breakfast

Did you know that the average American only eats breakfast 3 times a week? More than a tenth of Americans skip breakfast altogether. Out of those who do eat breakfast, studies have found that people who opt for sweets in the morning can’t work as long before needing a boost.

After fasting all night, it’s especially important to start your day off with proper nourishment to fuel your day with energy and focus. Protein-rich, unprocessed foods are the way to go in the morning; by starting your day off with eggs you are setting yourself up for success. Furthermore, research has found that people who eat protein-rich foods in the morning tend to have healthier weights and improved appetite control later in the day. For added nutrients, consider a vegetable omelet, or for pre-planned meals bake up a frittata to last a few days.

Plan Ahead & Shop Smart

Rule #1 of food shopping: don’t go to the store hungry. Rule #2: go to the store with a plan. Plan healthy meals out for the week, and make a list to help yourself stay focused. This has been shown to promote healthier eating and weight loss — and arms you against buying unhealthy junk on impulse. Another great shopping tip is to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store, as the processed foods are typically in the center aisles, whereas the meats, dairy, and produce are along the perimeter of many grocery stores.

If you find yourself very busy throughout the week - like many Americans do - consider pre-cooking healthy base foods and freezing half. Remember to include healthy breakfast foods like eggs and an easy afternoon snack like veggies or avocado that can keep you from reaching for junk food on a whim. Plan ahead and shop smart for better health and weight management.

Limit Processed “Foods” & Sugar

The biggest rule here is to check nutrition labels! Less is more — and you’re better of limiting or skipping things with words you can’t pronounce or identify. In addition to promoting weight gain, sugar and refined carbohydrates may increase factors that lead to disease and impaired functioning, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, cognitive function, stress, inflammation, and certain types of cancer. It can also weaken immune system functioning and lead to nutrient deficiencies which can further negatively impact health.

Choosing whole, real foods will keep you satiated while promoting functioning and wellbeing. The bottom line: limit processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar for better health.

Bonus Tip for Health & Weight Management: Eat Mindfully to decrease overeating and boost satiety. Turn off the television and put your phone down while eating. Chew slowly, and focus on savoring the flavors and textures of your food. Use mealtime as a chance to be present, to connect with loved ones, and to really enjoy your food.

Struggling with your health or weight? Contact us to learn more about our nutritional therapy and other holistic services including acupuncture, cupping, and herbal therapy.

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