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Struggling with Insomnia? Ditch the Sleeping Pills and Try Acupuncture

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

People are increasingly turning to acupuncture as an alternative sleep aids in the face of side effects from conventional sleeping pills. Read on to learn why.

Sleeping aids are among the most common medications a person can find, ostensibly because of the sheer number of people who struggle with sleep issues. However, as many sleep medications come with negative and potentially dangerous side effects, many people are seeking alternatives. The negative effects, along with the increasing interest in herbal and natural cures for modern ills, has prompted people to seek out alternative ways to address their sleep problems and insomnia. Research has found that acupuncture is an effective option.

Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that that has been practiced for centuries, providing relief for everything from headaches to insomnia. It is based on the Chinese principle of chi and meridians. Chi is the force of life, a sort of energy that flows in and through all living things. There are meridians in certain areas of the body which serve as focal points for a person's chi. According to this school of thought, illness are caused by imbalances in the flow of chi and other natural elements found in the body. Acupuncture addresses these issues by tapping into or altering these meridians which in turn can help improve or block the flow of chi, depending how it is done.

An imbalance of chi and the natural elements of the body can lead to all sorts of ailments, including insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. Acupuncture practitioners say that insomnia and lack of sleep can be caused by any number of subtle or drastic changes to the flow of chi, which is exactly the sort of problem acupuncture is designed to remedy. From a clinical standpoint, research has found that acupuncture is a safer alternative to sleeping pills, and is effective at promoting a restful night's sleep. Acupuncture balances the production of melatonin, serotonin, and endorphins, which impact sleep, tension, pain, and mood. Scientific research on thousands of patients has demonstrated marked improvements in sleep, with most reporting an increase of up to three hours per night thanks to acupuncture.

Acupuncture can also address the underlying causes of sleep issues, like stress and pain. With regards to stress, acupuncture has been found to balance blood hormone levels, drastically lowering levels of peptides that induce stress and anxiety, and positively impacting the body’s responses to stress, mood, and emotions. Research has also found that acupuncture is a powerful option for chronic or acute pain, as it impacts the production of the body's natural pain relievers, known as "endorphins."

Some people are reluctant to try out something like acupuncture, primarily because they find the idea of sticking needles into their bodies to be disconcerting. However, the reality is that acupuncture needles are tiny and hair-thin, and produce little to no pain when performed by a skilled, qualified practitioner.

Quality of sleep affects every area of your life, from memory and brain function to appetite, mood, and even relationships. Get relief with acupuncture - book an appointment now!

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