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Tips to Stay on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020

It’s a New Year - and you know what that means: the chance to set new intentions and incorporate healthier habits to get on track with your goals!

Most Common Goals & Resolutions:

  • Lose Weight

  • Exercise

  • Eat Healthier

  • Sleep Better

  • Quit Tobacco

  • Make New Friends

  • Try New Things

  • Manage Pain

  • Be More Active

Everyone’s goals are unique and may be different throughout their lives, but there are a few key things that do tend to make our New Year’s resolution list every year… This is because most of us don’t stay on track with our goals beyond the first few weeks or months of a new year. Statistics show that’s the norm, as we tend to forget, become distracted, lose motivation, or lack the knowledge and support to stay on track.

So how do we overcome that, and make 2020 the year we achieve our goals?

The answer: self-care. The act of learning to take care of ourselves can make all the difference. When we begin from a place of self-care, it shifts our approach. For example, instead of punishing ourselves with a diet we begin to nourish ourselves with better food choices.

“Discipline is self love. Practicing discipline heals our own self betrayal and allows us to show up for ourselves and those around us with heightened self worth and deeper levels of connection.” - Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera

Learning to show up for ourselves, making new choices to take better care of ourselves, is the key.

Read on for our top tips to help you do just that!

Nutrition - Begin by making one healthy swap. Think real food over processed, sugary food stuff. More food with solid nutrients. Fish, chicken, steak, spinach, carrots, broccoli, blueberries, real food.

Support - Get an accountability partner or join a group fitness class. For health and nutrition support, talk to a professional. Get a custom plan that considers your unique needs and goals, and helps you plot a path to reach them in a healthy, sustainable way. We offer herbal and nutritional therapy along with other holistic services to help - say yes to self-care and schedule a consultation now.

Mindfulness - Put your phone down, turn off the TV, and connect with the moment. Taste your food mindfully, take time to breathe deeply, notice your surroundings, be more present.

Find Your Why - Why are your goals important to you? How will they change your life? How will they improve your happiness and wellbeing? Really dig deep on this one.

Acupuncture - If weight loss, managing stress, quitting smoking, pain management, or sleeping better are among your New Year’s resolutions or goals, consider acupuncture. Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny needles at specific points to stimulate nerve areas in order to influence hormones, tissues, organs, glands, and various functions of the body. Schedule a consultation now to promote balance, improve functioning, restore health and well-being - and get on track with your 2020 goals and resolutions.

Exercise - Commit to starting your day with a stretching routine, walk around your neighborhood, group fitness class, or other physical activity. Start with something manageable and realistic, with the mindset that this is not to punish yourself, but to care for yourself, and awaken the best that lies within you.

Vision Board - Create a vision, goal, and gratitude board. Be specific and realistic about your goals, and break it down into actionable steps.

Put the spark back in your life with self-care and finally reach the goals that matter to you most. We can help.

Four Seasons Acupuncture in Hot Springs Arkansas

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, cupping, injection therapy, moxibustion, tuina, nutritional therapy, TCM, and more!

We are located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, just minutes from Red Oak, AR, Price, AR, Lake Hamilton, AR, Pleasant Hill, AR, and Malvern, AR.

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